About Jim

I spent my career as a development engineer. I started as a hardware designer, but after twelve years of doing hardware design I started teaching myself software development. I worked until my 70th birthday and then retired.

For the last six years of working I did web design for a banking company. During this time Nellie continued to design greeting cards. I didn't realize that God was going to marry my secular work with her design of greeting cards. The following explanation indicates how God worked. Nellie and I had talked about the possibility of doing an online card business. I did some early design work but determined that it would be entirely too much work for one engineer.

One problem that needed to be solved was the software package that Nellie was using could not be used for commercial use. About two years before I retired I was required to use publication software to document some of my design work. I noticed that the publication software contained a section for creating greeting cards. This package had no restrictions on producing commercial greeting cards! I told Nellie about the software and we purchased it. We are still successfully using that package. God to the rescue for problem one!

The second problem was the needed design resources to produce and online card shop. At times I would research this issue with no good results. About six months before I retired, I found some open source software, (open source software has a free community package), that would accommodate all our needs for an online store. God to the rescue for problem two!

I retired from full-time work May 31, 2018. The company retained me part-time until January 2019 so I could train engineers on what I had designed over the last six years. I started working on the nelliescozyshop.com website in July 2018. I have been adding Nellie's greeting cards and free printables from then to the present.

I will continue to add content and new features to the website on a continual basis while Nellie will be creating new greeting cards and free printables.

And, that is our story and we are sticking to it!!!



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