If your downloaded product opens in your Chrome browser, use Ctrl-P keys to open the print dialog.

1. Make sure your printer is selected in the "Destination:" on settings column of the print dialog.

2. For More settings select the down arrow.

3. Deselect Two-sided.

4. At the bottom of the settings column click the "Print using system dialog..." link.

5. When the new dialog display appears, click the middle-right "Preferences" button.

6. Select the following settings on the Properties dialog shown below: Photo Printing, Borderless Printing, Matte Photo Paper, Print Quality: High, Paper Size: Letter 8.5 x 11", Orientation: Landscape, Paper Source: (your printer's paper source). The next two selections are optional: Preview before printing, Always Print with Current Settings.


7. Then click the "OK" button. This will return you to the print dialog display.

8. From the print dialog click the "Print" button in the bottom right-hand of the display.



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