1. When your product has been downloaded or you have opened the product from the Android "Download" directory, you will see the displayed .PDF file on your phone as displayed in the following example:

 android print 1

2. In the upper right-hand of the display select the menu, (three stacked periods). Select the Print dropdown. Displayed is the print dialog as follows:


3. Your printer should be installed on your android phone. At the top of the display use the down arrow to choose your printer and see that the printer is available for printing.

4. If the printer is available, choose the down arrow under the "Paper size" option to select all the printing options displayed below:


5. Now select the "MORE OPTIONS" link and you will select the following options by first de-selecting the Auto checkbox:


 6. Now use the the android menu back-arrow at the bottom of the display to return to the Options dialog. Now select the Printer Icon button to print the file.



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