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Why we have made the decision to make all our cards Free,

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I am sure some of you might wonder why we have decided to make our cards FREE. Lately, I have seen some write ups about cards possibly going away and might be headed toward them becoming a thing of the past. We have also noticed that cards have over the past years just gotten very expensive, and lately I have noticed they seem to be making cards smaller and with less embellishments, and also the in-store display areas for cards in some stores are smaller. We also realize that so many people are just struggling to pay their bills and feed their families, so things that might be considered frivolities like greeting cards may just not be affordable for many.

The whole reason we make cards is to bless others and to spread love, joy, beauty, encouragement, and hope to others. So... We feel the Lord led us to make them FREE because it would be bit of help to others during these difficult times in which we are living. God has gifted us with the ability to make cards, a website, and to keep our website going every year financially. We feel He would have us gift others  as well. It has been, and still is our desire that others would use our Greeting cards for their Celebrations. Celebrating is important to God and is important to us, and brings so much joy to others and our families... So, please feel free to use our cards, and that will bring Joy to our hearts!!!

You can print them, or use them to send by email, Facebook messenger, or with your cell phone. My favorite way is to print and mail them, or to send them thru email or FB messenger. My husband's favorite way is to send them with cell phone text. Once you order them, all you have to do is copy the URL address, then go to your email or FB messenger, and address it to the recipient you wish and write whatever you'd like, or nothing at all, then paste the URL address and send. I pick a Christmas flipcard and send it to most of the people in my email contacts. I recently realized that I could have been doing that for other Holidays, as well.


Blessings for Happy Celebrating!!

With Love and Blessings,

Nellie and Jim

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